“Which is more pathetically amusing? Your inability to distinguish the difference between pining and exasperation? ––––Or the fact that you’re actually under the impression that I would miss being within your vicinity? The extreme level of arrogance does not surprise me, but mark my words, Bellatrix. It is mere curiosity on my part.”


     “An excuse about time constraint does not answer my question. Is there a reason you’ve decided to dance around what I asked? Playing coy is hardly intriguing at this point.”

               ”So it is with curiosity that you ask for details about my whereabouts? Darling, from your inquiries I doubt it’s only mere curiosity that drives you.  ––––But tell yourself such words if you wish, it may make you feel better.”

               "Since there is no marital bond between us nor even a semblance of true friendship I doubt I am bound to tell you how I spend my precious time. Why so curious Rodolphus? How I spend my time should be no concern of yours.”


     “––Subtlety never has been one of your strong points. Where have you been for the duration of the day? Don’t mistake my question for concern. I didn’t notice your absence until I was left to my own devices in Potions. I’d appreciate a warning beforehand so I can avoid being paired with a less than sufficient temporary partner.”


“––Such worry in your voice, Rodolphus. It breaks the steady string of denial far more easy than your speech is able to convince me of how you did not miss my presence. You’re transparent, darling, far too transparent to ever convince me.”


      “I was busy. Far too busy to indulge precious time into studies such as Potions when there are much more fascinating matters to attend to.”

Title: Black Widow
Artist: Susanne Sundfør
Album: kindness is wrong
Plays: 49



One, two, three, fou–––… 

Another refill, topped off to the brim.
                                     Just enough to withstand another soiree.
                                          And with enough luck and effort, black out later.

Concept of time disappeared altogether shortly after the serpent became acquainted with the various bottles containing liquid to numb his mind for the evening. Attention was better spent on the glass practically attached to his hand, attendees proving to be insufferable company. Obligation meant presence was pertinent as the eldest heir to a prominent family, but written word on level of participation did not exist.


     Sapphire gaze concentrated on the approaching brunette, admittedly curious to the sudden appearance, but ultimately prepared for petty blows to his ego.

    “False flattery disguised by a cleverly delivered passive-aggressive insult won’t work in your favor, Bellatrix.” Retort came without hesitation, venom encompassing each spoken word. Inebriation had yet to take control over him, despite the overwhelming stench radiating from his person. Rodolphus finally arrived at a state of contentment, and here she came, destined to destroy it. “I do not recall seeking your approval for my decisions or actions. How else should I stomach these festivities? –––Sobriety is not an option. We are not bonded together by the sanctity of marriage, so do not presume your words have any affect. I am not necessarily concerned with your opinions about me.”

     From the age of the delicate fours had the young man been on the top of her ‘to torment’ list. Personally, Bellatrix, thought that he should be flatter by such a fact, as he had the privilege of being noticed by her. That he did not seem to value that, infuriated her, but never would it reach the fury she felt when in his presence. Which, was why she so often happened to throw objects, words, anything, in his direction. Sometimes these emotions spawned from his words, however, more often they were born out of his sole existence.

          Golden liquid touches ruby lips as the champagne flute in her hand is slightly tilted, until removed and placed on a passing server’s tray. Empty. Thus, vicious smirk is ever growing for each syllable falling from his damned lips.

          "Your memory must be failing you, love"

                         Did she move closer? A step had unknowingly yet with obvious calculated manners placed lithe form closer to his. The stench of scotch intensifying, spurring her to continue her harsh remarks. Emerald dress flattering delicate ivory skin, not too tight nor with too much cleavage but enough.

                              "Because even a skilled liar can hear how false such words ring." 

Amusement radiated from Bellatrix appearance and as yet another server passed her hand grasped another champagne flute. A lady in all her glory, under her mother’s watchful eye she would not let her inner storm wreak havoc. Yet, it slipped out between the cracks as she conversed with her intended.

          Oh, how pleased her mother would be if she saw them this civil.
                              Not that she honestly cared about it.

"Then why, dearest Rodolphus, hold a speech about how little you care?"


A storm wrapped in timeless grace, and, what was hidden underneath icy surface would not be shown until the guests left the manor. Dangerous temperament lingering behind dark eyes as she scanned the room as if she was assessing the individuals in the room, when she in fact was looking for one Rodolphus Lestrange.


There he was.

                  “Ever the dashing gentleman, dear Rodolphus.” Sing-song voice ringing false with endearment and soon it was accompanied by her trademark smirk, dipped in viciousness. “Would say I was impressed if it was not for that sour face and the stench of scotch.Your complexion falters the closer one goes. A shame, really.”